Energy Efficient Construction for Cutting Costs in Companies During Recession


Remodeling a commercial construction during recession seems like a ridiculous idea. But what if it could result in a six-figure cost reduction for your firm’s yearly energy bill? Does it look impossible? It is not; not if your renovation project concentrates on increasing the energy efficiency of your building. Energy efficient construction is an increasing trend among businesses which are looking to reduce their costs of operation and conserve the environment in the process. Often known as “green construction”, energy efficient building could be implemented through new construction or retrofitting , with the majority of companies going for the latter.

When companies opt to Industrial energy audit, they avoid the expenses of new construction and remove the inefficient and expensive operating systems that are there because of the old construction. You will find a number of alternatives for retrofitting a construction to attain energy efficiency. However, three areas that many companies concentrate on are HVAC, electric power use and interior lighting.

In most cases, the high costs of traditional HVAC systems is not due to arcane technology. Instead, lots of HVAC systems are not optimized for the size of the building they occupy. For instance, air distribution fans tend to be “oversized”, so they use more energy than required without generating better results. Downsizing these fans to lower their power usage by about 50 percent can give you the same climate change for only a portion of the older cost. Check out this website at and know more about energy.

For companies that use green building practices in construction, natural light is frequently utilized to lower the demand for interior lighting. However, for businesses which need windowless buildings or which are in small windowed buildings, retrofitting their present incandescent light system for fluorescent lighting provides substantial cost savings. Fluorescent lighting is five times as energy efficient as incandescent light and may last for as much as twenty five times longer. Considering that the interior lighting of a commercial building accounts for about 30% of its overall power use, using fluorescent may yield huge savings.

Even after firms remodel their HVAC and lighting techniques, they still continue to use HVAC and lighting systems which rely on electric power. Thus, implementing solar s panels to reduce electric load becomes another important measure for cutting costs. Some companies can even run their systems on solar energy only. But even where the systems need electricity, lightening the electric load using solar panels is recommended for cost-cutting purposes.

During recession, many companies lay off their employees to cut costs. But some companies choose to take a more positive approach to reduce costs, retrofitting their previous operating systems with energy efficient layouts.  SCE energy auditwill help lower your operating costs at the moment and even after the recession period.


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